The Journey to Koh Tao

After a long day it was time to start the next leg of our journey, the trip from Bangkok to Koh tao island. So back to Khao San Road we went after finally finding a taxi that was willing to take us during rush hour traffic. I was very ready to leave Bangkok and find somewhere a little more serene. Although we had been having a good time, if I had to be harrased for money or hear another person ask if I wanted,”Tuk tuk, taxi, massage or ping pong?”, I was going to scream. Back in KSR we had a quick dinner. I had to laugh at us as we sat and ate our food, an Indian curry for Gary and a Macaroni cheese for me (not very Thai). With happy tummy’s and looking forward to a nice sleep we somehow managed to board the night bus to Chumpon. True to form I found the first open double seat and armed with my neck pillow, earplugs and eyemask I had a good four hours of sleep. We woke up at about 2am to find ourselves at what looked like a market but was actually a bus stop. There were all sorts of interesting food items some ready to dish and others already packaged. I was very suprised when Gary bravely suggested we try the pork noodle soup (or atleast that’s what we thought it was). After a bite or two Gary spat out a mouthuful and shouted, “Fish, fish!”. I laughed my head off as I know how much he hates any form of seafood. The joke wasn’t so funny anymore once I also tried it and realised that there were in fact two or three types of meat variety in the dish and I couldn’t put my finger on what any of them were. Enough said, we ate the noodles and left the rest. It was now up to the next three to four hours to decide our fate, food poisoning or no food poisoning? . Luckily we were ok though. Note to oneself; If you don’t know what it is opt for the vegetarian variations, you can’t go wrong with noodles and veg. Back on the bus for a couple more hours, a two hour wait at Chumpon pier while watching the sun rise and another two hours on a beautifully air conditioned ferry before we arrived on Koh Tao, also known as Turtle island.



We were greeted by a sea of taxi drivers again, managing to get through we spotted our ride from Scuba Junction ( where we would be diving). Loaded onto the back of a truck we drove for about ten minutes to Sairee village where we would be staying and scuba diving for the next week. Sairee village is basically a one lane brick road that runs parallel to the beach, scattered with dive centers and schools, resturaunts and bars, massage shops and little clusters of cute but cosy huts. Without going into too much detail, we somehow managed to book ourselves into the only accommodation that was a five minute drive away and up a very steep hill far from the adorable little village we first saw. Unloaded with our bags we were left in a wooded area with four delapidated shacks that looked like something out of the “Blair witch project”. We called the taxi back to fetch us as quick as possible, that was by far the shortest stay by any guests anywhere! We did however manage to get a snapshot of the bathroom (with shower) and a photo of me looking very unimpressed.



We were finally booked into Prick Thai resort opposite Scuba Junction, a cute little hut with aircon, a seperate bathroom and cleaning service everyday, Yay now that’s more like it. We decided to do our first dives the next day and just settle in to island life for now. We sampled some resturaunts that afternoon and night that were so close to the beach that the tide came right up to the foot of the restaurant while the sun set slowly over the water, it was perfect. Finally we were starting to relax, we had beautiful scenery, comfy accommodation and the excitement of not knowing what tomorrow’s day of diving would bring. It was the beginning of a chilled out week we won’t be forgetting anytime soon… 🙂






  1. Tam

    Awesome Kirst! Sounds like you guys are having such an adventure. I’m really enjoying your blog. Lots of love to you and Gary!! Enjoy!

  2. Auralee Spencer aka Narn

    This may be one of the highlights of your trip. Sounds idyllic, after Bankok. Enjoying your blog a lot! Many thanks for it. Happy diving!

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